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Heirloom Architecture, 2016

University of Toronto; Architecture

Advisor: John Shnier,

Master of Architecture

The Pursuit of Permanence
There is beauty in legacy. When artifacts endures through generations, it becomes sentimentally and culturally substantial. The familiar heirlooms can offer dimensions of meaningful agencies, robust performances , resilient versatility, and idiosyncrasy through craft. My premise is, the path to permanence can be found through one or more of these dimension. 

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The Catalogue of Permanence
This is a design tool intended to keep designers perspective of the larger retrospects of excellent craft, starting with the Colosseum at its base. 
When we master the technologies of today and tomorrow, we can develop a generation of craft with new materials, new forms, and new methods of making; it will embody super-speed, super-accuracy, and super-resolution.

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The Fragments of Permanence
In a series of drawings, I've re-imagined various architectural elements. These nine formal paradigms investigate the potential for permanence

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Daniels Faculty of Architecture, University of Toronto; December 16, 2016

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