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Heirloom Portfolio, 2016
Heirloom Portfolio, 2016


First Dimension of Design



The Tower of Babel timelessly represents a simple human character - the desire to win. As nature only permits the best, the world, of its 248752 cities, only shines at the highest. That is why we race.

We race to climb the highest mountains, then compete for greater wealth. We boast about the largest airships and the build the biggest boats. We make high scores and keep records, all because these temporary and sentimental achievements represent our drive to glory, measured by the undisputable metrics of length.

Manhattan's World Trade Centers were once the tallest buildings in the world. The $2 billion dollar (current value) was surpassed by the Willis Tower (Sears Tower in Chicago) 2 years later and this feat was soon forgotten. Like apples-to-apples, all apples can be devalue by a sweeter and fresher ace. It is a realm without complexity and capacity; this is world of the first dimension.

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