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Idea Dry, 2009

Idea Dry, 2009

A Public Water Station


Idea Dry - Public Water Station, 2009 

Rosedale Park, Toronto; Civic


Where the historical roman fountains celebrate the abundance of water, this fountain cautions us to the imminent lack of water. Dry cracks suggest water, and water suggests life. Let this idea be a caution to the day we run dry.


In our search for extra-terrestrial life, we simultaneously search for the signs of water. This life-permitting substance has long been under-appreciated in the locale of Canada. In a request for a public water station at Rosedale Park, the fountain takes the form of dried cracks. The station serves water for adults, children, and pets, but it also serves as a memorial for water. Although you will hear the sounds of crashing waves, this fountain will not be sporting the visual spectacle of flying and flowing water.


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