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CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Award, 2021

Toronto, Ontario; Industrial

​HOK Canada and York University has won a competition to create CanBIM’s 2021 Innovation Spotlight Awards by lofting the word profiles CAN and BIM together. The award is made from cherry and walnut lumber and it is fabricated with a 5-axis CNC mill. The process was digitally formed and fabricated from design intention to fabrication.​

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It is complemented by a modular case that protects it during transport, emphasizes its design ideas, and transforms to become a variety of display stands. The case is a 3D-printed negative mold of the CNC geometry. Careful considerations are given to the offsets between the two very different objects, in material, tolerances, and machining properties.


When it is in boxed form, the case reveals the winner and award label. A window to the side reveals in part the characteristic organic geometries. The 3-piece case is held together by two sliding dovetails in the shape of the maple leaf; this is a reference to CanBIM’s logo. When unboxed, this window becomes a slot to display the award in an upright position. The case can also transform to become a variety of display stands; along with the bilateral direction of engraved text, it offers its recipients the freedom of choice on the ways to display their award. 


The one special award is made in walnut, with a contrasting white case.

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The Process​

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​Design and Fabrication Team

  • Tommy Tso, Design Professional, HOK 

  • Ian Morson, Architectural Designer, York University - Facilities Services

  • David Marcinkiewicz, Technical Services Coordinator, York University - Lassonde School of Engineering

  • Anthony Voltsinis & Dario Nouri, photography and video

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